American designer born in Dallas, Texas, Arianna Alexis’s vision begins with designing hand-crafted luxury outerwear for traveling citizens. The character she is dressing is one who remains a mystery to onlookers, constantly on the move, the passerby.

The juxtaposition of Arianna’s label - designing to dress a society on the ever running, circular flow, the in demand, run-after, to the personal side of production where it’s the introspective process of make and create from a singular person’s hands with only time to fabricate - comes together in her outerwear collection. She is selling the beauty of time, the quality, the honesty of clothing that’s been lost in the industry today for the people on the existential quest for where? She wants to bring into existence a conversation piece - clothing that will stay with someone and resonate for a lifetime.

Twenty-four immersed in the societal accumulate herself, she escapes back to the days of artisans flow state when she creates.

Architectural lines, earth hues, and asymmetrical shapes portrays an oddity and sophistication with a bridge between the desert landscape to the streets of Paris. Her southwest up bringing and Parisian living merge to fashion her unique style and aesthetic.

Based in Paris, Arianna Alexis does not operate on a fast fashion basis, all coats she hand-crafts individually holding true to sustainable and artisanal values -  because slow fashion is the new luxury.

Arianna Alexis photographed in her Paris studio
photography Ellen Bourgeois

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