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T H E   C O A T S

American designer, born in Dallas, Texas, Arianna Alexis’s vision begins with designing hand-crafted artisanal luxury wear for customers who want seasonless outerwear with the accessibility to shop spring, summer, fall or winter at any time to meet the needs of the constant traveling, and wandering citizens today.  The characters she is dressing is one who remains a mystery to onlookers, constantly on the move. In the era of a generation that lacks attention span, coats are an article of clothing that puts ease in getting dressed, as the coat defines the outfit, worn as a communication piece.

 Her architectural lines, earth hues, and asymmetrical shapes portrays maturity, sophistication and an attitude between all her garments created. Her southwest up bringing and parisian living merge to create her unique style and aesthetic.

Arianna Alexis does not opperate on a fast fashion basis, all coats she hand-crafts individually holding true to sustainable and artisanal values -  because slow fashion is the new luxury.

All garments are hand-crafted by Arianna Alexis
Photography by our talent Stefan Dotter