Twenty five immersed in the societal accumulate herself, Arianna escapes back to the days of artisans flow states when she creates.

An extisentialist dreamer on an unwavering quest to question, to feel, to be. Elevated West intrinsic within her discursive mediums. Born in Texas living in Paris, her aesthetic manifests from.

Arianna Alexis :: 2021

Her first solo exhibition coming Fall ‘21 of her collection of paintings focusing on the surrealist reality of french windows as subject.

Arianna Alexis :: 2020-21 

Commission only pieces made to wear or collect. Closet or display her materiality manifests from a multidisciplinary medium. Arianna’s current piece Twenty Five composed of white wool fringe on exhibition.

Arianna Alexis ::
2018 - 19 

Established in 2018 resting between art and fashion composed of hand crafted outwear made per order. One girl, one machine; an artisan and maker. Her unique silhouettes and asymmetrical shapes situate beyond a ready to wear landscape.


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