An existentialist dreamer on an unwavering quest to question, to feel, to be. Elevated West® intrinsic within her discursive mediums. Born in Texas living between Paris, her aesthetic manifests from.

Arianna Alexis :: 2022 

Her first solo exhibition Mannequin Machine, 4.22.22 situated in a carport of the dilapidated Belmont Hotel Dallas comprised of preformance, painting and clothing.

Arianna Alexis :: 2020-21 

Arianna’s materialized piece Twenty Five composed of white wool fringe made to wear or collect was commissioned only in Paris.

Her self-portrait film Ghost of The West shot in Terlingua was shown at the Belmont Hotel Dallas scored live instrumentally by musician Angel White.

Arianna Alexis :: 2018 - 19 

Established in 2018, Paris, resting between art and fashion composed of hand-crafted outwear made to order. One girl, one machine; an artisan and maker. Her unique silhouettes and asymmetrical shapes situate beyond a ready to wear landscape. 



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